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Hélène Boudreau




                         We would like to invite you to participate in our 16th  edition of “Génies en herbe” a quizz game similar to Reach for the Top, Saturday May 25th, 2024.  The tournament will be held at Saint-Charles-Garnier School at 4101 Baldwin Street South in Whitby.  No breakfast will be served.


                         The tournament is opened to students from grades 4 to 12 inclusive.  The participants will be divided into three levels: Medium for grades 4 to 6, Intermediate for grades 7 to 9 and Secondary for grades 10 to 12.  If players from different levels form one team, they will have to compete in the level of the player with the highest education.


                         For the registration, you can register in teams of 4, half-teams (2 or 3 players) or individually.  We will be forming or completing the teams that are half or individuals.  The morning of the tournament, you will receive your team’s number, the names of your team colleagues, the schedule for your matches and the rules for the tournament.    Each participant must complete a registration form in order to participate in the tournament.  If you register a team or half-team,  you must write the names of your teammates on each registration form and bring all the teammates inscription forms at the same time.


                         Each team is guaranteed 2 matches lasting 15 to 20 minutes in the morning.  The teams will then be classified and the highest-ranking teams will proceed to the elimination rounds.  The best two teams from each level will go on to the final round.                                                                                                                                                 

                         There will be cash prizes for each participant in the winning teams.


                         Because of a grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, in 2008, we improved the tournament.  Five games can now be played at the same time. And with the help of a laptop computer and a projector, we integrated some audio/visual questions to the game.


                         To register, fill in the registration form, scan it and e-mail it to geniesenherbe.oshawa@gmail.com or regular mail it to the address on the side.  We need to receive the application form before the deadline of May 8th 2024.


                         The greeting will be at 8:00am to have the tournament start at 9:00am.  The final round will be at 4:00pm and the prizes will be handed out at 5:00pm. Chairs for spectators will be on site.  This is a tournament in French and therefore only answers in French will be accepted.    


                         A pizza lunch with drinks will be sold on the premises.  Extra slices will be sold by the unit.  Please note your wish for lunch to facilitate our pizza orders.  Do not forget to include your guests!


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Text Box: You want to participate?
You are in grade 4,  5,...  12?
You understand and speak French?
You are in Whitby on May 25th 2024
Don’t wait any longer!  
Lots of fun in French and chances 
to win cash prizes!